"I needed a showreel for a trip to the US, so I went to IMAGE REELS because lots of actors were talking about them. I got exactly what I wanted and I've had a great time cutting it with them. I obviously look fantastic and now so does my showreel. I recommend all of my friends to get one."

Dan Wyllie, Actor ( Shannahan Management )



"Just wanted to let you know that I have been offered representation by a fantastic agency in LA! So now, I have a wonderful manager and a wonderful agent and I have to acknowledge you and your wonderful reel as a major part of the equation. I am so appreciative!! Thank you for making me the best showreel I have ever had.

From my heart, thank you so much for the amazing reel - it has opened so many doors for me and created such a great impression on the people who have seen it.

PS: I also got a great audition to be in a movie with an A List star as a result of another agent seeing my reel."

Anthony Wong, Actor (RGM)






"At last, creative minds that enhance every aspect of an actors life and work with their belief and expertise. Thank you for a great showreel."

Ben Unwin, Actor






"IMAGE REELS is all Class. They put together my reel with such care, finesse, and finely tuned attention to detail that I would never go any where else now. Their aesthetic judgment and flexibility with the technology is a rare combination and my reel is commented on incredibly positively wherever I go. Having had such unimpressive experiences in the past I now love sending out my DVD without the smallest wince of embarrassment. It's a simple and beautiful thing."

Angie Milliken, Actor (RGM)



"I needed a showreel for my Australian and US agent, and IMAGE REELS produced a fantastic reel that I'm able to use in both markets... and as I'm always getting more work that I want to add to my reel, I am comforted to know that I don't have to build a whole new reel, I can just pop back in to IMAGE REELS, and they can update my reel at any time... No where else can you have the luxury to do that. They have really thought about how to be most supportive to actors and their careers, and this is why I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to produce your showreel..."

Kristy Wright, Actor (Mark Morrisey)






"IMAGE REELS created far and away the best showreel format I have seen in 20 years in the industry, I guarantee you will not find better value for money either."

Paul Kelman, Actor (Lee Leslie)



"I needed a showreel  to take with me to the UK and on the recommendation of my agent who had already seen numerous variations of what a showreel can become they suggested I go to IMAGE REELS. The result was exactly what I was wanting and I found the experience to be a delight. I headed to London with nothing but a DVD and happily handed over my reel in meetings. I got a wonderful agent on the basis of my reel and can't thank IMAGE REELS enough for such a beautiful job. Have already sent friends to IMAGE REELS and highly recommend them to anyone needing a professional and beautiful showreel. Thank you again."

Anna Torv, Actor (RGM)






"One-on-one consultation, fantastic looking format, original ideas, low cost and whipped together for urgent request… couldn’t be happier."

Matt Passmore, Actor (RGM)




"If you want a GREAT showreel then you must go to Image Reels. This is not your run-of-the-mill showreel churned out by the same old formula. Image Reels take the time to carefully plan out what would work best for you. On top of this the IMAGE REELS team as people rock! I promise you, with a showreel made by them, people will notice you."

Karen Pang, Actor (Sophie Jermyn Mgt)






"For every Actor who is putting together a Showreel, it is a MUST to consult IMAGE REELS. It will be hard to go anywhere else once you see what they have to offer!!!"

Jamie Croft, Actor (RGM)


"I was introduced to the team at Image Reels through word of mouth. After my initial consultation I realized that they had one main objective in mind, and that is to make you look your best and to give you a representation of that to show to others. As a Choreographer I needed to be presented in a different way to other show reels they had worked on. I found image reels to be nothing but versatile and professional in the way that they took my needs on board and made them there goal. The possibilities and options I was given regarding the look and overall feel of my DVD were overwhelming. I can honestly say that I have walked away with not only an amazing promotional representation of myself, but have new found friends in the image reel staff. I will definitely be spreading the word!!!"

Stephen Clarke, Coreographer/Dancer




"I'd been looking around for somebody to shoot me a reel for months, and the general attitude out there is 'just give us your money and we will shoot you a reel.' I finally found image reels through a friend of mine, and to be honest, it was so worth the wait. When I sat down with them for the first time I could tell that they actually give a damn about the product they put out and not the money in my wallet. All up I have shot 4 segments for my presenting reel and I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting ahead in this industry. 
In my opinion, in comparison to some other reels I have seen out there, these guys are a thousand miles ahead of everybody else. "

Ivan Hudson, Actor/Presenter/Model (Mark Morrissey)




"Image Reels are by far the most in touch, spot on, professional & economic company in Sydney. Their product is sharp, slick, with a worldwide appeal. As I leave for Bollywood in the near future, what they have given me is far beyond my hopes & dreams. They can also update/alter at the drop of a hat. They're the best."

Peter Astridge, Actor




"IMAGE REELS DVD format is terrific and extremely professional looking. A great marketing tool for actors to showcase their abilities."

Tom McSweeney c.s.a. (Maura Fay Casting Director)


"IMAGE REELS interactive showreels are simply the best way an artist can present themselves to the Industry."

S. Jermyn, SJManagement


"Very stylish, very credible! Its the best actors show reel I've ever seen."

D. Pender, Producer (Movie Network)


"IMAGE REELS came highly recommended and rightly so. They are a delight to deal and work with - professional, courteous, creative, reliable. And very reasonable rates. I'm delighted with the result. A producer I gave my showreel to recently commented on how great it was. Making the showreel was an enjoyable experience and I'll be back again and again (for updates). If you would like a great showreel, I cannot recommend IMAGE REELS highly enough."

Jane Manning, Director (RGM)

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"Twenty three years in the Industry working solidly with the crème de la crème of actors, directors and production crew has spoilt me.  So much so, that I won't settle for less because I just can't afford to.  I have no room in my life for mediocrity, and I guess that's why I've survived this industry as long as I have.  My work is my life and I won't entrust it to just anyone.  It's for that reason that I never go past IMAGE REELS when looking to shoot a showreel, for Screenwise.

Image Reels' professionalism is beyond reproach, and because they are also actors, this gives me that very much needed 'edge' when it comes to producing showreels. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to shoot your showreel...in fact I think you're mad if you don't."


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"After many false starts with my showreel I was told about 'Image Reels'. I found them very helpful and professional, and what I really liked about them was that they wanted to make the best product for their client.... for me. And as a result I have a highly professional, sleek-looking showreel that I am extremely proud of. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Susie Porter, Actor (RGM)